Review: Sarap… Sarap ng Gising Gising at Recipes by Cafe Metro

Gising Gising

I never heard of the dish Gising Gising before. I thought my friends were pulling my leg about the dish.

We were at Greenbelt. waiting for Paul which was waiting for us at Glorietta (long story).

It was a movie night for us, Paul wanted to see one of the MMFF movie which is Tanging Ina… before going back to China (work).

Melvin was the one who suggested Gising Gising. So we went and search for the Recipes restaurant, which is pass the entrance to the cinema.

The shop was still close when we arrive but it also state that 6pm is the time they open and it was already pass 6. Not that we are harassing the staff, but we are scheduled for the 6:45 showing and we don’t want to be late.

The Gising Gising was actually really good. I never knew that chopped Baguio beans and ground pork smothered with coconut milk will taste this good. Well the spiciness was the key to it.

If ever you’re near the area I recommend you try it.

Recipes by Cafe Metro
2nd Level Greenbelt 3

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