My 2010 Travel: A Good Year for

2010 is a wonderful year for

Have the opportunity to travel to different places within and outside the country with my family and friends.

Here are the Highlights of my Local Trips:

The Pawikan Festival of Morong, Batangas

A great experience that I will never forget. I see how one community change the whole province view in preserving and protecting the Pawikan.

A Relaxing Stay at The Lighthouse Marina Resort

My stay at the Lighthouse Marina Resort was the relaxing stop in my travel for this year. Will definitely come back.

Travel Back in Time at Las Casas de Acuzar

History can be truly appreciated in the Las Casas de Acuzar at Bataan. It was a place to experience how Filipinos live their simple lives back in the Spanish occupation.

A Walking Tour at Intramuros

Intramuros Walking Tour I

Intramuros Walking Tour II

Travelling is fun, when you share it with your friends.

My Out-of-the-Country Travel:

Our Family Trip at Singapore

Travelling with my Family is always fun. Though it maybe expensive but it is truly worthwhile.

My Solo trip to SG Chinatown

Never really expected to see a Chinatown at Singapore.

Hoping to have more travel this 2011.

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