Review: Real Men eats Melo’s Italian Trio

Melo’s Italian Trio i for real MEN! Yes, because only real men can truly enjoy this gastronomic meal.

Melo’s started serving the public since 1988. Serving only the CAB (Certified Angus Beef) to meat lovers, now known as the best place to enjoy and savor authentic Wagyu beef. Now they are giving another special the Italian Trio.

The Starters

A delicious Cream of corn soup with a plate a garlic bread was served first. As I had said, it was a delicious soup and partnered with a perfect garlic bread.

The soup itself was already a meal. But it was just to get you ready for the best was about to come.

I really feel like I’m in a mob movie like the Godfather. Like the hero being beat up to surrender info or they just don’t like me. Maybe because I’m a good dresser or I’m just to good looking.

Classic Ceasar Salad

Next was a classic Ceasar salad. I would say it was perfect! The lettuce was fresh, crunchy and was sliced just right. My plate was almost empty when I let go of my fork. Only a few toasted bread and a piece of  cheese was left. Everything was great and I’m not on the main course. It was really superb!

I just need to be tougher. They will not get anything from me. Even how long it will take, they wont get anything.

The Italian Trio at Melo’s Home of Certified Angus Beef

The Italian Trio

Wagyu Center-cut Tenderloin (Grade 8) wrapped in Bacon with Al Funghi Porcini Sauce and Penne Pesto Pasta.

First was the Steak Veneto Pesto is a Wagyu Tenderloin wrapped in Bacon with al funghi porcini  sauce and Penne  Pesto pasta. All I can say was WOW! WOW! and another WOW!

Any man would cry seeing this scrumptious sight of a meal. A great tasting beef wrapped in bacon is to much for a man to see and eat. Who could ask for anything else?

Melo’s is known for the best steakhouse  in town. With this combo, I can confidently say it is a sure hit for meat lover.

Staying calm is no good. Specially in front of one of the Italian Trio. The Steak Veneto Pesto is in my face, trying to intimidate me to give in. I don’t know how long I can take this.

Wagyu Center-cut Tenderloin (Grade 8) with Creamy Peppercorn Sauce served with Pasta Aglio Olio and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

Then came the Steak Alfeo Roma. Wagyu Tenderloin with creamy Pepper sauce and Aglio Olio Pasta. The steak was perfectly grilled and a gastronomic expedition for my nostrils as well. No force necessary to cut it, it was a smooth slice. Then smothering it with the pepper sauce was a blast. A true man’s meal!

What else can you ask for? A great tasting steak with a taste buds blasting sauce, is a meal to be love.

I don’t know how long I can take of this beating. Steak Alfeo Roma is strong. His presence is over powering. Now I know why his one of the Italian Trio. I can no longer open my mouth, my eyes are swelling, blood in my body had all dried up and I can no longer feel my legs. If I still have a leg.

Wagyu Ribeye (Grade 6) with Foie Gras served with Rosemary Red Wine Shallot Sauce and Pasta Alfredo.

They say the best is always last, and it was.

The Steak Milan Alfredo was last to be served. The Wagyu Ribeye with Foie Gras and pasta Alfredo was the main man, the head honcho or The big boss of the Italian Trio.

The Foie Gras was delicious. That’s it, I will not use any adjective to describe it but DELICIOUS. I then got ready and cut a portion of the Wagyu Ribeye, then a bite. Which was an explosion of flavor in my mouth. I was stunned for a moment then got another, to excite my senses and be satisfied.

The Great Melo’s Restaurant Giveaway

The Steak Milan Alfredo was excellent!

The Steak Milan Alfredo, is now in front of me. Taunting me to surrender. “You can never force me to lie! I can only tell the truth. No matter how you try. The Italian Trio is the best steak in town… the country even.” was my last uttered words. Every bite is truly worth remembering. If I die now, I will be a happy man for I have eaten a great meal.

Yeah what a movie would that be. It got everything… action, suspense, drama and most of all… great food.

By the way all the pasta are delectable as well.

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Tel: 7712288/8999403/9249194

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