The Dangers of Motorcycle Riding

As I was growing up, I’m one of those kids who idolize a motorcycle rider. Leather jackets, a stance of road warrior, sexy babes and especially the cool bikes. Yes, its all about the bikes.

Why I ride a Motorcycle.

Like other vehicle on the road, may it be a car, truck or a motorcycle. It’s just an accident waiting to happen. The only difference as riders from other vehicle on the road is that a motorcycle rider is all open to all sorts of injuries. Every rider knows, the moment they ride on their bikes they have a 50/50 chance of arriving to their destination.

So what are the dangers that awaits us on the road?

The Dangers we encounter on the Road

Bad Weather

For me the dangerous element that awaits every riders is a bad weather.  Riding on a bad weather is dangerous from the start and is not advisable, why is that:

  • zero visibility
  • slippery road
  • strong winds and rain
  • maneuverability is minimize or zero

    Cruel Road Conditions

    Road conditions are really hard to predict. Even on a good weather, road condition is a major factor to consider specifically for road accidents. Pebbles on the road can make us loose control as easily as a wet road. Deep pot holes are a big hole on the road that can cause (if we’re lucky) bruises or (if not) death.

    Reckless Driver/s and fellow Riders

    What I really don’t like while riding are drivers or even riders who thinks he/she owns the road. One pease of advice “The road is not their playground to do what ever they want!”, if you still don’t get it. “Madapa ka sana!” (Hope you syumble!)

    I really hate reckless drivers and worst riders.

    Unmaintained Bike

    Bike maintenance is a big factor in rider safety. A well maintain bike will eliminate half the percentage a rider will encounter an accident.

    Ride safely!

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