Isuzu Philippines on Fuel Consumption less = MORE

I just finished reading something really interesting from Isuzu Philippines. This is very significant specially this time where all of us can see that most of the gasoline stations all over the metro are having issue is there stocks.

LESS on the following:

1. Reduce Idling Time

Idling in traffic is a NO-NO. If your stuck in traffic and not moving for more than 2 minutes. Better turn off your engine to save fuel and lessen gas emission.

2. Use Air-Con only when necessary

Air condition is great, but it adds to engine load which result to more fuel consumption. So use it wisely.

3. Avoid “Start and Stop” Driving

“Start and Stop” are unavoidable when your in the heart of the Metro. But practicing less-stop-and-go driving habit will actually give you more miles on your fuel.

4. Reduce your load

The heavier your cars load, the more fuel is consume. So lessen unnecessary load, it will actually save you 3% of fuel usage.

5. Do not drive while foot is resting on the clutch pedal

My Lolo used to tell me not to be a “Clutch Driver”. Now I know why, it partly disengaged the clutch causing slippage between clutch face and the flywheel.

6. Make sure to run at constant speed

Unnecessary speed change consumes more fuel. Maintaining at a constant speed will regulate the flow of fuel being burned.

7. Effectively utilize engine brake

Being road alert will actually save your life and fuel. Road obstruction and hazardous should be anticipated early on to avoid sudden stop.

MORE on the following:

1. Shift up as early as you can

About 17% of fuel consumption is being save when you shift up as soon as the speed becomes good enough. New models now have ECO indicators to tell you that you when to shift up.

2. Accelerate gently

I actually agree on this one. Gently accelerating even driving on a high-speed gear will actually save up to 10% gas consumption.

4. Plan your itinerary; make good use of traffic

Planning is a good start before driving. Knowing your final destination will make you evaluate which route to take to maximize fuel efficiency. Making sure to plan your  errands into one trip will save you money and time.

5. Drive Sensibly

Yes, It’s cool to other seeing you drive like Vin Diesel in the movie. but it’s not safe and it’s not really a cool sight to see for your fellow motorist. Aggressive driving is a waste of FUEL.

6. Close windows on high speed

You don’t want to build a wind draft when your speeding along the hi-way. Not only it will slow you down it will also consume more fuel. Unless your planning to drive under 80kph.

7. Keep your vehicle well tuned

A well tune vehicle will perform at its best and give you the best result. Improve fuel economy and minimize emissions.

This are just suggestion to save fuel and emissions. We have to do our part.

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