Total Fitness Magazine "Get Active… Be Fit" Subic Adventure Weekend

Last weekend was a very exciting and fun-filled weekend I had. It was the “Get Active… Be Fit”  Subic Adventure by Total Fitness Magazine.

Total Fitness Magazine, one of the leading fitness magazine in the country has invited their sponsors and some bloggers to join them for the “Get Active… Be Fit” X-treme edition.

Which was held at Subic. Yes, It’s a Subic Adventure. One of my planned destination for this year.

So after getting the invite, and checking my calendar, I said “YES”.

It was an early Saturday for me, waking up and getting ready at 4AM was a regular routine for me but not on a Saturday.

But there I was, commuting to Edsa for the meeting place. I got there early, “Better early than late.” what I always say.

Then the day went smoothly, met up with blogger Jayson Biadog of Then we travel North to Quezon Ave. for our next pick-up point.

Others started to arrive, while two personality were late. You know who you are. 🙂

Then were off to Subic. Cruising the NLEX and SCTEx with the Isuzu Alterra was like flying up in the clouds. The Isuzu Alterra has great speed, a comfortable ride and great interior. But that’s another post.

I really like that ride.

DAY 1: “Get Active… Be Fit”  Subic Adventure by Total Fitness Magazine.

After 3-4 hours of relaxing, sleeping, and seating we arrive at our destination. The Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic Bay.

It was gorgeous! A great view of the ocean, cool breeze everywhere, and a matching lighthouse tower at the back.

My Relaxing Weekend at The Light House Marina Resort

After settling in our room, we then get get ready for our day 1 activity. We were then assigned to our group. Then it was a race to complete the Total Fitness Mind, Body and Soul challenge.

From the start we were leading. The trash talk that is, and were unstoppable.

First was the Mind Test, a word hunt which we finish immediately. Following other two groups. Did I mention were only three groups.

Then the nest is the body Test. First destination was Tree Top Adventure. We took the Jungle Survival task first, because the other team was beat us with the fun stuff.

Here we learned how to make fire by using bamboo. It was a hard task to accomplished. I first gave it a shot, but was not successful. But Roy was the one who made it fire. Well done, Roy!

Then of to the Superman ride.

This is the second time I’ll be doing the Superman ride. I first tried it at Circle Verde. so it was like riding a bike. Yeah right!

It’s not like I’m always dangling up in the trees, zipping from point A to point B (140 meters long and 100 meters high) with a speed of 60 – 70kmp/minute. First it was a zip backwards, then a zip back to the start. It was fun. Really!

Then next is the Tree Drop. What a way to build up your confidence.

Now, this is really not for the faint of heart.

The Tree Drop a straight drop from a very tall tree. Forgot the height, but I know I asked how high it was. But forgot on my way down.

The staff are very courteous and accommodating. They have a very good way of encouraging you not to be afraid. They would actually sing you a song.

It was a hard drop for me, but a smooth for the one following me. We all finished it. As you can see on the photos below are the face of people who have conquered their fear and Tree Top Adventure.

No! His not VP Binay.

After Tree Top adventure, it was a race back to The Lighthouse for the fourth leg of the race. Which includes a bike ride and a run of 2K. From the Lighthouse to Gerry’s Grill and back.

After the enjoyable time we had at Tree Top, everyone was in tip-top shape. NOT! Now this part of the race was very physical for all of us. For all of the team. Everyone was drained. The sun is at its peak. But everyone finished it.

The last part of the race, was the Mind Test. It was a smelling test, the McCormick product are the one we are going to smell and remember each one. Well we didn’t actually know how we fare on this one.

But I think we got one correct for one of the McCormick Team was in out team. but it was the best race ever. Everyone had FUN… FUN… FUN… and more FUN.

We know that we came last, but it was the adventure and bonding that we all WON that day. But we still had a lot of trash talk and heckling at the awarding night.

Congratulation Red Team and the Black Team!

but we get a BIG Photo and dual view pa yan.

DAY 2: “Get Active… Be Fit”  Subic Adventure by Total Fitness Magazine.

It was a brand new day for us. But the fun has not yet stop. We are now up to the Subic Bay Yacht Club for some fun under the Sun and over the water.

It’s time for some sailing.

Now, I think this is all our first time doing something like this. But this is truly way of my radar of things to do. But I was glad I was one of them that day.

All I can say is WOW…

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Thanks to Total Fitness Magazine, Isuzu Philippines, McCormick, Neo Laptop, Reebok and Dermplus Sunblock.

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