Source of Traffic at EDSA

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Now I can strongly say with vindiction that BUSES are the greatest cause of traffic at the straight of EDSA. Many of my car owning friends had stated that yesterday was the first time they have experienced a nice drive using EDSA to work. Which normally take them 40 to an hour of travel time but this was lowered down to 10 to 20 minutes.

Yesterday was the first day of the MMDA number coding scheme for bus in metro manila. This was not a quick attack of the MMDA agancy but a long planned implimentation by the said agency and coordination to different bus operators were done to be ready. But the worse happened, bus operators did not comply to there signed franchise to provide the public by giving transportation.

I would say good for the MMDA agency. Improve the LRT and MRT service then we will not have the issue that we experienced yesterday.

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