The Pacquiao – Margarito Fight at PLDT MyDSL WatchPad

The fight of the year is fast approaching. Everyone that I know already had made plans on where to watch it, and they be viewing it via PLDT MyDSL WatchPad.

Well if you want to see it with no commercial interruptions. Then you better hurry because reservation ends on Nov. 8. If I were you I will make time! I will stop my hammer, stop my cooking, even put down the phone and be online to register.

If your still not a WatchPad user yet, then better sign up now to get it while it’s still hot.

You don’t want to be left out while all your friends are talking what a great fight it was.

Just remember that you need a connection speed of 768 kbps or higher for optimized viewing of the fight. For plan 990 subscribers, they need to upgrade to plan 1299.

Click here, for the link for Watchpad users so you can reserve a slot. For those who’s not a yet signed-up, don’t worry I have not forgotten about you guys. Follow this link:

I get more updates via the PLDT WatchPad on Facebook page
or you can also follow PLDT WatchPad on Twitter.

Remember reservation is only till Nov. 8 so hurry and open you PC’s, Mac, Laptops, or netbook and register.

Why wait till noon, and endure the long commercials when you can view it live, free and with no commercial breaks via the PLDT MyDSL WatchPad. S

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