Signs of the Road

Always remember road signs and signals are placed for our safety and guidance. Truth and should always be observe.

With the rising rate of road accident in the Philippines according to the statistics done by This means that there are around 50 road accidents that occur in the Philippines on a daily basis. As we speak, 2 vehicles have probably gotten into an accident during the past hour.

That’s why a proper education in road safety and road sign knowledge is required for all motorist and pedestrians alike.

We can categories all road signs to three types: Regulatory Signs, Warning Signs and Guide Signs or Informative Signs.

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs tells the driver or rider what to do on the road. They are to be obey same are traffic rules. When you see a red line from the upper left side to the lower right side of the sign mean “NO”.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are normally triangular in shape with a black symbol. They give indications on the road conditions head. It maybe road hazard, a sharp turn, changes in directions or other situations that require your attention.

Guide Signs or Informative Signs

It informs road users the directions and distances of the route they are following. It gives the exact distance to the next exit or the upcoming exits. Give the information is historical locations or instructions to the parking area.

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