Why I Ride a Motorcycle?

A lot of my officemate and blogger friends ask me why I ride a motorcycle? I always say “It’s much cheaper than commuting,” and they will always answer “Ahhhh!”

I used to ride jeeps, FXs, and buses as a means of travelling. I was once relying my safety to the hands of the one driving the vehicle I’m riding. Then I bought a motorcycle, a Suzuki Raider 150.

How I wish this is my bike

Here are my reason why I ride a motorcycle:

It’s much cheaper than commuting
Yes, it’s much affordable riding a motorcycle than commuting. My total expense if I’m going to commute to work is Php 136.00 (90 FX from Angono to Edsa-Crossing + 24 Bus from  Edsa-Crossing to Ayala + 22 The Fort Bus to the office then multiplied by two for my travel back home). Compared to a Php 120.00 for two days that’s gasoline + parking. A savings of Php 76.00 a day.

It’s a good way to beat the traffic
I know everyone of us encounters traffic on a daily basis. But for me, I just breeze through traffic. This is because I can squeeze to the small opening if I can.

I control on my travel time
When I was still commuting, I would give an allowance of 1 1/2 hours travel time so that I would be late. But now, riding my motorcycle to work (From Angono, Rizal to The Fort) will only take me 35 – 45 minutes (including traffic).

So I can still have one hour of additional sleep time.

I’m more flexible when travelling
Have you experience those days when your on a hurry then that’s the time you tend to forget things that you need the most. I do! But now I can easily go back home and be back on the road.

Freedom on the Road
I can go on the speed that I want. I don’t have to rely on the speed of the driver for the FX/taxi. I can go fast if I want, or go on cruising speed to enjoy the scenery.

Yeah, the last reason is the best part of riding a motorcycle. Just on a cruising speed I can manage to admire the surrounding. Especially when travelling back to Angono.

But every good thing has a negative counter part. Thats the DANGER of riding a motorcycle. Well that’s another post.

2 thoughts on “Why I Ride a Motorcycle?

  • November 30, 2010 at 8:30 am

    Like you, always wanted to ride on my own, without the inconvenience of being hassled by jeepney barkers who think they own you, buses that seem to be perpetually in motion (no full stops even for passengers) and tricycles you wish were more, er, responsible.

    I would like to own a Yamaha YBR125 or a Honda CBR125 (the CBR250 would be more than welcome) because, yeah, I like taking my time to where I’m going and not the usual ‘I’m late because of the a)traffic jams b)slow driver and c) more traffic jams.

    Reading your post just cements my thoughts. Thank you. Early next year I may put off building another MT Bike (sold my old one for a laptop) and just go straight to a machine I could take for a spin.

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