META-FIT Run by Coach Jim Saret

Have you missed the first two leg of the Immuvit Run Against Time or your one of the avid fan of the leg. Here’s a good news for you! On October 27, the Immuvit Run Against Time returns and this time at the Bonifacio High Street with an exciting new challenge for runners and fitness enthusiasts.  Registration starts at 5:30 PM.

“We’re calling it the META-FIT Run as it combines the 1-kilometer run with the fitness routines of the META-FIT workout program of Coach Jim Saret.  It’s going to be an exciting and challenging leg as participants will be asked to go through different challenges in each of the five stations,” says Immuvit brand manager Valerie Sison.

Now on this leg, not only will the runners run but they will have added challenges. For there will be added fitness routine that will be monitored by two coaches—for beginner and advanced—to time and monitor the participants’ performance.

Saret shares that adding fitness routines to the usual running workout helps in producing somatotropin that aid in the process of growth and maintaining key body functions.

Just like in the previous leg, there will also be short lecture by Saret on how one can proactively manage the physiological and physical changes that aging brings.  He will also demonstrate the META-FIT program, which has been scientifically proven to trigger the release of somatotropin, a growth hormone whose decline is directly related to the changes brought upon by somatopause.

“META-FIT is designed to help your own body produce its own natural growth hormones,” says Saret.

Apart from working out regularly, it is also advisable for those in the somatopause age to take a multivitamin supplement to help maintain or bring about good health. IMMUVIT contains two essential ginseng extracts (Korean and Siberian ginseng), plus CoQ10. These powerful ingredients effectively help slow down the manifestations of aging.

Learn how to fight the signs of aging with Run Against Time. You can pre-register by emailing your name, age, address, and contact details to The first 100 registrants will get a free running singlet.

Run Against Time is also made possible by Runnr and Avida Land Corp. See posters for more details.

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