Ways to SPOIL your Wife

Last Sunday, I bought a book titled “101 Ways to Spoil your Wife” by Ron Brown. A very straight to the point book telling how husbands should spoil their wives.

I was actually intrigue to know the ways the whole 101 ways. So I bought a copy. But didn’t got the time to open it after arriving home.  It was till Tuesday when I started to read it.

The first 10 ways was a breeze. “I can do that.” I told myself and some I already did and on a regular basis.

I do believe that we Men as husband should always spoil our wives in order to have a happy and lasting relationship (so that they wont bother us when there’s a GAME on).

I know I will love reading it so I encourage all you tough GUYS out there to get a copy and let the QUEEN of the house enjoy some perks.

So I decided to make my own 101 ways to Spoil my Wife. Wait for it…

One thought on “Ways to SPOIL your Wife

  • October 8, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Agree… kudos, Dod! 🙂

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