KRAFT Palamantasan a 1000 School Children Graduate

Last Saturday (October 2, 2010) was a day that will be remembered thousands of Filipino Grade School children who joined CheezWhiz – Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya.

With the aim of raising awareness and encouraging support to fight malnutrition, the Department of Education (Dep-Ed) together with CheezWhiz started the initiative Palamantasan ng Sarap, Sustansya at Saya—the Philippines’ biggest interschool grade-school competition on nutrition education.  After 3 months of intense competition, the best of the best will battle it out in the finals of Palamantasan, which will be held at the University Theater, University of the Philippines-Diliman.

“There are 13 million Filipino children who are currently malnourished,” notes Paolo Serrano, Senior Brand Manager for Cheez Whiz. “And clearly, the magnitude of the problem means that everyone should do their share—no matter how small—in solving it.”

Apart from Palamantasan being an enduring learning experience, it is a transformative way of teaching nutrition education to those in the elementary levels. During the finals, schoolchildren from as far as Cagayan de Oro, Isabela, Zamboanga, Cebu, and Tacloban will be flying in to Manila to compete in various events such as Sabayang Pagbigkas, SandwichArt, Jarchitecture, Cheering, and Essay Writing competitions.

I’m very proud to have experience and had been apart of this journey. I’m also proud for Kraft Cheez Whiz for helping in educating young minds the value of nutrition. I know for a fact that everything that they’ve learned through the CheezWhiz – Palamantasan will be taught to their future kids and students.

Through efforts such as Palamantasan and with schoolchildren graduating armed with proper nutrition education, the Philippines will hopefully continue to sustain the hope of a brighter and healthier future.

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