Review: Have your Lunch at Red Ribbon The Fort

If your planning for a lunch out with your friends or officemate. Better try the new Choice Meals of Red Ribbon.

I’m telling you that this will be one of the good decision you’ll be making.

The last time I was at Red Ribbon at the Fort, I ordered their Bangus ala Pobre Choice Meal. I can say in full confidence that it is one of the best bangus meal I have eaten.

At first I skeptic about ordering it. But I was in the mode for seafood so I ordered it anyway. JCAKPOT! it was great. From my first bit to the last it was wonderful.

The BEST I tell you!

They also have other dish in their menu. The latest one in the Crispy Chicken.

They offer drinks and a slice of the cake for the day for every meal.

Red Ribbon The Fort branch is the newest (if I’m not mistaken) branch. The best thing about the place is that it has a separate counter for diners and for pastry customer.

With this separation, diners can tell if there are free table to dine in.

So, if your planning to go out and have a tasty lunch. Go visit a Red Ribbon near you.

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