BuzBox Scramble Teen Craze

Sunday is always a family day for me and the kids. We always try to do something that all of them likes. Like seeing the latest film, dining at the favorite fastfood joint, and malling.

So SM City Taytay is the place of our choice for its the closest to home.

And whenever where at the mall they would always buy a cup of buzBOX scramble. Which is a commercialize version of a popular street food “scramble”. They like it because it is consist of candies, chocolate syrup, milk power and crushed ice with flavor.

It’s the local version of the ice cone of U.S. but much cheaper.

It’s mostly kids and teens who is their biggest market. Well there are the occasional adult who just want to see what the fuzz are about.

Here at SM City Taytay, the buzBOX is a best seller. Especially for those who just want to cool down inside the mall.

I myself have not yet tried it. But I do like the street version of it. This should be at least three time better.

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