Top 10 Reason Why the F1 Night Race will not be Held in the Philippines

If you been living in a cave for the last year. Then let me inform you that The 2010 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX is coming up very very soon. As in the 26th of September of 2010 will be the Singapore Grand Prix the whole 61 Laps of automotive revving and engine grinding its gear to win the 2010 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX.

Lots of works have been put for the second F1 grand Prix night race. As in road are being block right now for it. My wife who works at Singapore who take a single bus ride to get to work is now taking 4 different route to get to work. That is how prepared they are.

Pinoy Life alternative view

Well, for the ordinary Filipinos who wants the Grand Prix be held in the streets of Metro Manila, Makati City or Quezon City. Here are 10 reasons why it can’t be done.

Reason # 10. There are to many pot holes and speed bumps;

Reason # 9. Jeepneys will cut them on the track;

Reason # 8. Pedestrians are jaywalking all the time;

Reason # 7. Resident will throw rocks (Carjacking M.O.);

Reason # 6. Motorcycle riders will pass them on their side;

Reason # 5. Passenger will stop them to ride; “PARA!”;

Reason # 4. They might get carjacked;

Reason # 3. F1 racers will get distracted with the MMDA warning sign that says “Bawal Tumawid; Nakakamatay!” (No Crossing, Your Dead!);

Reason # 2. MMDA will stop them for speeding;

And the top one reason why the F1 Night Race will not be held in the Philippines;

Reason # 1. F1 racers will be oblige to install a laughing horn on their car. Click here to hear the laughing horn (don’t mind the video the audio is important

For those watching hope you get seat earlier for they are disappearing fast.

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