Review: Mexican Food at its Best at Agave Mexican Cantina

Last Friday, when I was about to go home and enjoy another long weekend. Ian opted me to stay for a while. He was actually chatting with Cecil  plotting a dinner date. So because it’s been awhile we had this kind of thing.

Ian and I both agreed to do it at Agave Mexican Cantina at Bonifacio High Street. So that we can try a new place.

The Agave Mexican Cantina is the newest and fastest restaurant that is gaining popularity in the Bonifacio High Street, The Fort.

I first got a chance to see Agave when me and Zee was coming back to the office after lunch having a wonderful lunch at Serendra. We stop by to see whats on the menu and ask a few question. It was so happen that Agave was just a month old back then. But now it is one of the hippest and trendiest joint in the area.

Agave Appetizer Samplers Php 410

While waiting for Zee and Myra to arrive, Ian and I tested to see if Agave offer a free WiFi connection for it patrons. And they do! I don’t know if their customers knew or they just don’t care. Because the connection is fast.

I ordered the Appetizer Samplers, which looks very appetizing on the menu. The Samplers is already a meal on its own. Composed of 4 evenly delicious dish, that truly filled my over whelming hunger to taste some more what Agave could offer.

The bursting flavor of the Yucatan Chicken Skewers made it very hard for me to put it down and share it with the other. But I did manage to do it so that I won’t be the only one to enjoys it. And they might poke me with their fork if I devour all of it. The Crab and Shrimp Chile Rellenos was also one of the dish you should not miss. The Beef Taquitos and Fresh Mushroom Empanaditas was also serve in the Appetizer Sampler.

Then after a few more minutes of waiting and a number of posing in front of the camera. Myra and Zee arrive.

Agave Baby Back Ribs (half Slab) Php 510

I ordered the Agave Baby Back Rids (half Slab), it was calling me from the start the menu was handed to me. I was actually thankful I just ordered the half slab option. For it was really big. Bigger than my opened hand to be precise.

Agave Combo Dos

Served with their own special Agave barbeque sauce and Mexican Red Rice with French fries. The Agave Baby Back Rids is truly a man’s meal.

Agave Combo Uno Meal

Ian and Cecil both ordered the Combo Dos comprise of One Taco and a Yucatan Chicken Skewers server with Hacienda Ranch Dip, Mexican Red rice and refried beans. While Myra got the Combo Uno which is composed of Chicken quesadillas with two Crab and Shrimp Chile Rellenos with a choice of salsa.

Posing for the camera so as the persons on the next table
Having fun with the glass of Margarita
In front of Agave Mexican Cantina The Fort

It was a heavy meal for all of us. Everything was very delicious, an over-whelming of taste and flavor. We enjoyed every moment we have in the Agave Mexican Cantina. I’m sure will be coming back to try some of their menu.

Agave Mexican Cantina the Fort
Bldg B3, Bonifacio High Street
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
403-6003 * 403-5865

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