Review: SAMSUNG GALAXY S (GT – I9000)


When I came back to Philippines for my one week vacation, my husband got me a Samsung Galaxy S (GT-I9000) as a birthday present.  First, I was only curious on how is it different from the iPhone 3g I’m currently using.

What features have Samsung Galaxy S has in store for me to be able to make it as my primary phone.
Best viewing experience with the SUPER AMOLED

Well, Samsung Galaxy didn’t fail my expectations, instead it exceeded my expectation as a phone.  From the moment I touch it, I love it already! Why, because aside from its 4.0″ Super AMOLED (Super Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display, it’s so light and thin.  It only weighs 119g with a dimension of 64.2 x 122.4 x 9.9 mm.

The first feature I tried is the video recorder, though I am not keen on video recordings. I was shocked when I play the video I had recorded.  It was night time then when I recorded my first video and it was so clear.  As if I use a normal video camcorder.  With its 5 mega pixel camera, with the features of a regular camera like beauty shots, continuous shots, smile shots, you can capture great sceneries everywhere you go. It also have self shot so you won’t be having any difficulty in taking your own pictures. My colleagues even tried the camera and they all love the clearness of the photos. What’s best about the gallery is the photos are separated according to files and storage, not by grid or list arrangement, but they are arranged which  you can preview the photos on that file.

BIG Video Capacity

What’s good about this phone is the memory capacity.  It has an internal memory of 16 GB, and you can still have an external memory of up to 32 GB, awesome!! Though I know 16 GB is big capacity already, still, you have options on storing more files such as music, photos, videos and movies.


Speaking of movies and videos, I tried copying some of my videos from my laptop to Samsung Galaxy phone, and within a span of minutes, I can already watched my favorite music videos directly to my Galaxy phone!  Mind you, those videos had different file extension names, like flv, mpeg, but still it worked perfectly fine.  This is the best part I love on this phone, because it can read multiple extension names like avi, wmv, flv, mp4 you can play any kind of movies and videos.

Since I am a music lover and a music video freak, I say this is the best feature of this phone.  I also tried checking the YouTube application, which I am having difficulty in accessing on my other mobile, with just one tap, within 1 second, as in literally one second, you can view videos from YouTube, amazing isn’t it.  You won’t ask for netbook when you have a handy and useful Samsung Galaxy with you.

Stay connected with the Samsung GALAXY

Application wise, I would say, they are also competitive as you can easily download applications, like games, social network and other apps straight from your mobile through the use of Market Menu.  Aside from the pre-installed live wallpapers, you can automatically download other wallpapers and themes for free through Market Menu.

For those who are interested on Market Stocks and Daily News, you don’t need to go anywhere, Yahoo! Finance and AP Mobile News are already pre-installed for your use.  It’s just one tap away, and you can read the current news all over the world (of course you will need data connection for these apps).  With its range of connectivity, you won’t be having idle moment connecting to the internet.

Overall features, this phone is truly awesome! It’s really a great phone to have and you won’t even dare to look for other mobile phones.  I can say it’s an all-in-one gadget. A mobile, laptop, mp3, and mp4 stored in one.  Nothing more I can ask for.

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