A Blast from the Past at Star City: Dino Island Museum

It was the school’s educational trip for my kids, and because my wife’s working in SG so I was the one to go to with them. Not that I don’t like the occasional educational trip of school. But it’s getting a bit boring if you have 3 kids.

I’m just thankful that my eldest no longer require me to come in her school educational tour. She’s in High school so I will just cramp her style if I come with her.

I was the best part of the tour, for we are now scheduled for Star City. Lots of rides and scary house to enter. We already did two and every kids that we came across eventually hold on to us cause I’m the only grown up in the room. Not that I’m not scare or anything, but I am the only good looking grown up at that time.

Posing at the Dino Island entrance

I then invited Diether and Renz to the Dino Island for some education and fun or our own. Renz was a bit skeptic at first for he taught it will be another scary house. But I then convince him that it’s not.

The Mighty Triceratops

We then proceed to enter, Renz still holding tight at my arm. Anticipating that a mechanical dino will jump infront of us. But after a couple of minutes he then realize that every display are all statues.

The Triceratops was the first we saw that he actually focused on. Which he immediately recognize from a anime show in Cartoon Network.

The Gigantic Brontosaurus

Next was the plant eating Brontosaurus. Though the statue is a small replica, it is still big. I was kinda proud of myself that I still remember my dinosaur that I learned in elementary school.

The slidering Edaphosaurus

Diether and Renz actually got scared on this one. The Edaphodaurus was actually a bit scary for me too so we walked pass it fast after snapping a couple shots.

The Terrible T-Rex

Waaaaahhhhh!!! Nyaaaaahhhhh!!! Not that they are scared but we were kinda having more fun in Tyrannosaurus statue. We took a lot of pose just like the photos above. But his two stands out more.

After the very historic walk from the Dinosaur age, we then had more fun on other rides.

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