SnR offers a tasty Pizza for its Members

I hate it when good foods need membership to be eaten. Such as the Pizza at SnR.

It’s either I need to join a friend who is a member when she is going to SnR or have them buy me a slice. It’s not that I hate SnR but I don’t have any practical use for being a member except to dine inside.

SnR Pizza Combo Php 549

Their Pizza Combo is a dynamite of a meal. The combination of the chillies, pepperoni and the cheese are awesome. A slice is enough to full your stomach and call it a day.

SnR Pizza Garlic Shrimp Php 549

I have to say that this is one of my top 5 pizza. Well any food serve with shrimp is a winner in my book. Why? Do you know how much is a kilo of shrimp in the market today? That’s why, any food that is serve with shrimp is the best for me. Especially those who have big chunks of shrimp on it.

SnR Chicken Caesar Salad Php 130

The Caesar Salad is on a different league all in all. This one order can actually be shared by two to three people (depending on their appetite). The veggies are fresh, the chicken are juicy and tender and over-all it a wonderful meal.

So why do they have to deprive food lovers of these wonderful treats.

One thought on “SnR offers a tasty Pizza for its Members

  • August 5, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    we love their pizza (cheese, pepperoni or garlic shrimp)!! =D

    their muffins sold inside the grocery is yummy too!

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