Our Walking Tour of Intramuros: Part 2

After our historic tour of the Manila Cathedral-Basilica Church we then walk our way in search of the Bahay Tsinoy Museum (Chinese House Museum) for a copy of the Binondo Food Wok Map which we will be needing in our Binondo Food tour.

On our way to the Bahay Tsinoy Museum we passed many old but renovated Hispanic style houses that once is the symbol of wealth and power. The bigger the house the higher you are placed in the community.

Walking in the street of Intramuros will surely give you a brief picture of what it used to be like in the old days when the Spaniards rules the land. A cleat line between the rich and the poor are drawn. Where the kalesa’s rule the street.

I really love these kinds of structure.

The old adobe walls that stood times, several wars, earthquakes and hundreds of typhoons. Just like this one I’m resting my back.  If you could also focus our attention on the brick road of the street is also very authentic only on this street.


Though we didn’t have a chance to go inside the Casa Manila Museum and the Bahy Tsinoy Museum (because were to early). We did enjoys our brief walk back in history.

Of to our next destination, the Fort Santiago.

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