Filipino Pan on the road

I remember when I was still a kid, that a voice will be heard every early morning around 5AM till 6AM. A voice coming from a kid much younger if not the same age as I am. He will continually shout until one of my neighbor or even my Father will call him saying “PANDESAL!”.

Yes, Pandesal were being sold by a young boy walking house to house every morning. To earn extra money as “baon” or lunch money for school. I should know about it because me with my two sibling tried selling Pandesal. I stopped after two days while my brothers continued for a month.

Filipino Bread on the Road

Known as the Philippines National bread. Served every morning as a staple breakfast for every Filipino. Serve hot with any spread or sweet delicacies from the province of just dipping on a hot coffee will suffice.

Pan de coco (Coconut Bread)
One of the most famous Filipino bread being sold in the afternoon for snack or merienda. The Pan de coco is a rich sweet bread with a sweet coconut filling.


Pan de mongo (Mongo Bread)
Another kind of bread being sold by kids in the afternoon. Shouting “Pannnnnn de mongo” on every home and especially on a group of people they come across. The Pan de mongo is a sweet bread with a sweet brown mongo filling.

While the first first two are favorites of mine. The bicho-bicho is the most famous on the afternoon sold bread. Bicho-bicho is a stretched and twisted dough bread covered with sugar. It’s a favorite for most kids because of the sugar and its much longer than the first two breads. A joke would always accompany a buyer before buying one.

The Joke: “Marami bang asukal and bicho-bicho mo?” (Is there a lot of sugar in your bicho-bicho?)

The answer : “Opo, marami po” (Yes, a lot.).

The punch line: “Ganun ba, pabili ng kalahating kilong asukal.” (Is that so, then give me 1/2 kilo of sugar then.)

Well, now only a few provinces still have these kind of vendor. If your in a place and hear a voice of a kid yelling one of the bread listed above. Call them out and buy some. That will always give a smile to the kid selling the bread.

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