What’s Cooking at Xocolat

It was a ordinary lazy Friday which is really not the story I really want to share.

I just read a post from a good friend Arpee, actually just commented on it when am SMS was send by Zee (another good friend). I know I have lots of friends, one of my precious assets. Back to the story, she asked if I want to eat lunch. I answered back “Sure”.

I went down the building at 30 minutes before noon. As what we have agreed will try the Xocolat bar which Arpee have posted.

Xocolat at Serendra is really a nice place to dine at. The place is cool, cozy, and really a good place to chill out. It’s also a Wi-Fi hot spot, so you can still be connected while dining. Which is a plus this days.

Not only Xocolat offer great tasting chocolate they also offer lunch. Great tasting lunch.

Zee and I both ordered the Spicy Chicken fillet with shitake muschroom lavished with their signature rub served with rice and potato gratin. The chicken was tender and very tasty and I believe it have a hint of chocolate as well.

The potato gratin is also not bad.

Dining at Xocolat is not complete if you have not have a taste of their signature chocolates. So we share an order of the Frozen Hot Xoco.

We shared eight serving of Xocolat sherbet balls. It was truly a chocolate experience after tasting one. Thought it was a delicious treat it is so much for two person to finish.

Here is there chocolate menu:

Xocolat lunch menu:

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Ground Level, Bonifacio High Street, Serendra , Taguig

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