BLOWBAG your every trip…

Do you love road trip? Do you use your own vehicle when have a long road trip? If your answer is a waping “YES”! the you better continue reading because I have some good tips to give.

Have you ever heard of the motoring term “BLOWBAG”. This word is used to keep every drivers’ alert and conscious of their vehicle. Especilly when going to a long road trip. BLOWBAG is and acronym for Brakes, Lights, Oil, Water, Battery, Air, Gasoline.

You should check your:

B – Brakes

  • Brake Fluid – make sure it’s in the “max” level. Have an extra bottle of brake fluid in your trunk.
  • Brake Pads – ask your mechanic if your brake pads are still good.

L – Lights

  • Check you head lamps, brake light, signal light and park light if they’re in good working condition
  • Have extra light bulbs handy
  • Have a handy emergency flash light in your compartment of trunk


O – Oil

  • Have a oil change a week before the planned road trip.
  • Verify is the oil level is in the desire level by using the oil dipstick when the car has just stopped on a leveled surface. You will get different reading in different situation. Try to have a situation that is almost the same as driving a long trip.
  • Have an extra liter of oil ready

W – Water

  • Check the water level of the radiator
  • Check the radiator for leaks
  • Check the windscreen washer bottle, make sure there’s enough clean water
  • Replace the windshield wiper to make sure you have good traction when wiping the windshield

B – Battery

  • Check for corrosion on the battery terminal
  • If your still using the maintenance type batteries make sure that they are sufficient electrolyte liquid on each cells. Refill with distiled water if the liquid level is low.

A – Air

  • Check tire air pressure when tires are cold. Use a tire gauge to measure air pressure. Refer to car manual for correct air pressure.
  • Check your spare tire’s air pressure.
  • Check your tires carefully and make sure there is no visible damage such as a bulge or a hole.
  • Check that the tire treads are not worn out.

G – Gas

  • Check your Gas gauge to get good gas level reading. If damage replace immediately.
  • Refer to manual what is the recommended gas type to use.

These are just reminders to keep you and your vehicle in good shape. Always obey traffic rules and keep safe.

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