Movie Review: The Twilight Saga Eclipse

I’ve been having my doubts about the latest flick of the The Twilight Saga. After seeing the second movie New Moon, that made me feel that my money was dupe out of me. Even buying a DVD copy of it will still make me feel that my money was not spend wisely. The only thing I can say about the New Moon is a waste of time, money and intelligence.

But my doubts was washed away after seeing the latest Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie last night.

The hype was build superbly! Fans all over the world was very anxious on movie day. Inside the theater everyone is feeling the tension as soon the lights goes out and the Summit logo appears.

The love-triangle of our three main character still continues, and give grievance for both clan. A sinister plot for revenge is being created in a nearby city. The vampires are still cold and the wolves still don’t have their shirts on. Which will make all the Jacob team more anxious to see.

There are lots of things to look forward to in this movie. Backgrounds of some of the main characters were told, what era, where and how they become what they are today. Reasons for why the two clans were natural enemies from the start. And a common bond that can make a new era for the two clan.

All I can say is watch out for a circle to be given in the movie, and the heart-to-heart talk of the hero.

For the rest is a must see. Watch the movie and see for yourself why the hype is true.

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