Things you need when riding a Motorcycle

Motorcycle accident is rampant this days. Everyday we can always see in the broadsheet motorcycle accident and every night you can hear it in the news.

With the cheap price and flexible financial plan on owning a motorbike is one of the main reason why motorcycle accident is increasing today. For as low as PhP 1500 you can bring home a brand new motorbike.

And without proper education on both parties (motor vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders) road accidents will continue to increase.

Here are a list of what you will need when riding your motorcycle:

1. Helmet

Now it is mandatory to wear helmet when riding a motorcycle. Not only the rider but also the passenger should wear helmets.

Unnecessary accident that lead to the death of the rider could have been prevented if the rider is wearing his/her helmet.

I know it not cool to wear helmets, because people you are showing off to wouldn’t know that its you that is riding that cool motorcycle. But its better to not show your face than not having a face to show off to.

2. Knee and Elbow pad

Wearing protective pads are also one of the protective gear you can use to be safe. Though it is not required by law but it is always safe to do so. A fracture knee and elbow from an accident will truly be painful and hard to recover from.

3. A pair of Shoe

Wearing shoe is always a good thing to do. Not only that its stylish. It also keeps your foot safe from scratches and accidentally breaking it if hit with a hard object.

4. A pair of Gloves

Its cool to wear gloves, specially when riding. It gives out an image that your a serious rider. Truth is that a serious rider don’t want to take chances when their on the road. Sweaty hands may cause slipping while gripping the throttle grip. And also to protect your hands from scratches too.

5. Knowledge to ride safely

Even with every protective gear you have on will not keep you from having accident if you don’t know how to ride safely. Knowing to ride safely will increase your chance to 90% on arriving safely to your destination.

Having a license is not a right but its a privileged.

Here an informative links:
WHO says “Road Safety is No Accident!”

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