Happy 15th Anniversary to my Ex-girlfriend!

WOW… I don’t know about you but me and my Ex-GF always celebrate our anniversary.

It’s been a rough ride to getting here. There’s a lots of cross road along the way and I know we will be having more. But all this only make our relationship even more stronger.

My Ex…
When I’m kidding around, I always refer to you as my “Ex”. Giving mystery to others, asking themselves who is this lady that I always speak of.

She still calls and text me every morning. Even check on me if I am already home and send me sweet goodnight SMS.

I can say that I have a good set of ears for listening. Because she always talks to me. Tells me story on how her day went through. Tells me problems that she know I can’t help resolve because of our situation. All I can do is open my ears and hear her out.

My Wife…
First of all I would like to greet my wife who is currently working at Singapore a Happy 15th Anniversary. I Love You so Much! Thank you for the wonderful 15 years of you being so patient with me and giving 3 wonderful kids.

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