How to Jump Start a Cable

Jump starting a car is one of the thing a driver should know specially a lady driver. Incident in the road are always unexpected. Even how hard we try to avoid this things to happen. They somehow manage their way to be a burden to all drivers.

Here are and easy steps to follow in jump starting a car:

Step 1. Make sure that both cars are stop. Open both hood of the cars and locate the batteries. Next, bring out the jumper cable.

Note: Never leave your jump cable at home. Always keep it on your trunk.

Step 2. The jumper cable has two colored wire. One red (positive wire) the other one is black (negative). First clamp one end of the red cable to the dead battery’s positive terminal pole labeled ‘+’. Then the other end to the positive terminal of the working battery.

Note: do not let both end of the cable touch each other when the the other end is already connected for this will short circuit your battery.

Step 3. Now get the end of the black terminal and attached it to the negative terminal labeled ‘-‘ of the good battery and the other end to an unpainted metal part of the dead car’s engine.

Step 4. Now start the working car and wait for a few minutes before starting the dead car. Remove the cables in reverse order as you’ve attached it. Let the newly started car run for a few minutes. Then stop and start it again to make sure that the battery was being charge.

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