Movie Review: Toy Story 3 (2010)

It was a promise, so I have to keep it. Last week I promised my kids that we will watch Toy Story 3 last Sunday. But last Sunday was a busy day for us. We helped out with my parents and sibling to help carry some furniture to the second floor of their not yet finished renovated house.

I thought maybe later in the afternoon we will still have time to go to the mall and watch. But I was wrong, it was already 4PM and were not yet done. So I have a talk with Renz (the youngest) that we will watch it tomorrow (last Monday) after his I came home from work.  As soon as I arrive, I told them to get change so that we wont be late for the next showing and we can still go home early for its a school day.

Upon arriving at the mall we went straight to the ticket booth both 4 tickets for the next screening (6:35PM). We still have time for me to do my bill payment routine and do the groceries. After it was done, we went up to the cinema and got our free popcorn and went inside. Looked for our seats and relax till the show started.

The Characters…


Buzz and Woody’s kid. His imaginative nature is what all toys love and long for. But his college days are about to start. Though he no longer played with them anymore. He still keeps them in his toy chest just in arms reach. Uncertain what to do with his toys but he has to make a decision soon.


Being Andy’s no. 1 toy, he stands as the toys leader. He keeps the gang together being the voice of reason. He needs to be strong fr his gang. Now that Andy’s is moving out to college, uncertainty is looming in the air.

Buzz Lightyear

His new mission is to keep his new toy family together. He stands as the new leader of the gang who decided to stay in the day care center. It was a mistake they soon realized.


Worried to be left behind by another owner. She decided that toys should be the master of their own destiny.

Lots-O Huggin’ Bear

Replaced by her owner, he sworn that no toy should be owned again. Not being owned is not having to feel the heartbreak he once felt. He leads the toys at the daycare center.


The Story…

“Family sticks together” is truly a statement that can melts anyones heart. This is the main content of the newest story on Toy Story 3. Andy is getting ready to go to college, and the toys are getting worried what will happen to them. Woody being the head toy of Andy with Buzz in his side tried to calm the other toys to stop worrying. For Andy is their kid and he would not give up on them.

Thinking that Andy was throwing them to trash. They decided to go to Sunnyside Day Care Center and jump inside the box for the daycare center. Woody tried to convinced them that Andy was actually putting them to the attic. Then one thing led to the other and they all end up on the Sunnyside Day Care Center. Where the new adventure begin…

The gang was very excited to be played that they don’t want to hear what Woody is saying. Now they have a bunch of kid ready and willing to play with them. They thought wrong!

The gang was setup to be played by unruly kids which are not appropriate for them. But that was the rule in the daycare center that was ruled Lots-O. When Buzz tried to talked to Lots-O but he found out that was the plan all along. When he tried to tell the gang he was capture.

While Woody was trying to find his way back to Andy, happens to discover what is truly happening in the daycare. Now his priorities has change. He need to rescue his family and get back to Andy before he goes to college.

It was a very heart stopping, hair-raising and blood-pumping scene was next. Well for my kids that is. You need to watch the movie in 3D to actually enjoy it.

The new Toy Story was made in full 3D. It is truly a new experience after seeing them. Coming from the 2 earlier version, I would say that the third installment was the best. I would have to give Pixar a two thumbs up for this new movie. My kids love it, I love it and millions around the world love it and a lot more is still loving it.

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