Letsmmo.com (Letsmmo): new virtual space for Filipino gamers

With the birth of several online games in the past few years in the Philippines, it is inevitable that Filipino gamers would look for a virtual space or home where they could chat with other gaming friends, find new games to play, and talk about other interests that contribute to the gaming lifestyle. To fill up that void, Letsmmo.com emerged.

Letsmmo.com is a new gaming community that welcomes forumers who love to chat about the games they play, look for new updates and share their opinions and concerns about the world of gaming. It is a site that is geared to serve the Filipino gamers’ interest. Aside from the local gaming content, Letsmmo will also feature news from other countries that are of interest to the local gamers. Letsmmo aims to be an avenue for gamers from different games and genres to co-exist for a constructive and helpful discussion.

Launched just last April, Letsmmo now has a functional forum for gamers and is currently developing the structure for the news, previews and reviews sections for different games and features. Currently, the forums showcase the following features.
Time to get creative with your customized avatars! The forum has its own system of creating avatars and there is an ongoing contest for the best creations. Awards and a few perks will be given to the winner.

Speaking of rewards, Letsmmo also introduces the Medal Reward. As a member, you get medal rewards for your contribution to the site. Any member can also have a chance to have a moderator power.

Letsmmo is currently in its initial stages and are still under development. To get instant updates, invite your guild mates and gaming friends to join the newest inter-game forums. Visit www.letsmmo.com!

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