Pepito Manaloto: A worthwhile series


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I rarely watch any local sitcom or teleserye on TV. They seem to be all the same to me. Maybe different setting but the story is the same.

But Pepito Manaloto of GMA7 is different, “It has a story! A good STORY!” It’s a show that has a purpose, a message to tell the masses.

Michael V. as Pepito Manaloto (the main character) is a very lucky man in so many ways, but was financial meager. Living in a shanty with his wife Elsa (played by Manilyn Reynes) and only son Chito (played by Joshua Pineda). Everyday was a struggle to have food on the dining table. But everything turned North when he won the P700 million in the national lottery.


Then the story got interesting. With the help of Maricar del Valle (played by Carmina Villaroel) his Wealth Manager he dwells in the land of the rich and famous the only way he know how, being a poor man.

The show actually have lesson to teach its viewer. On how we as a society look at poor people and how poor people look at us. One scene in particular was when they spend Php 10,000.00 in shopping at a local tiangge shop. Bring 5 big bags of item they bought while Maricar spend Php50,000.00 on one bag.

Another scene was just last week’s episode, he was waiting for Maricar in front of a restaurant. I man step out of his car and hand him the key thinking he is a valet. Then the misunderstanding was sort out by Maricar and tried to explain to Pepito why the incident happen and why rich folks have a valet parked their car. He was actually having pity on the rich guy for not knowing how to park his own car.

I do recommend to watch the show. It a light comedy but has a good lesson to tell.

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