Street Photography at Quiapo and Binondo


Last Sunday was a busy and wet day for me. It was the last day of the Street Photography workshop that I attended via Travel Factor. It was a year ago since I started to gain interest in photography. I have limited knowledge on taking picture. I would say I got the basic but compared to an immediate Photographer I am way off.

Quiapo Church

I need a lot of practice to catch up. But practice is nothing if you don’t know what you are doing. So that when I decided to get basic training on taking picture. How to maximize the light, use different angle to have wide options, and to know your camera.

Sampaguita Vendor

Lecture on Street Photography

It started last Saturday, at their HQ in Pasig. It was a gloomy afternoon, clouds is dominant in the upper sky, the Sun is a bit shy to show his light. We started a little bit pass 2pm. It was a good lecture by Alanah Torralba about Street Photography. Where it started and how it has evolve.

Ano yan? ("What's that?")

Street Photography is a style of capturing images of everyday life on the street. A good Street Photograph should be capable to stand alone to tell a story even without any text explanation needed. It shows everyday life as it is.

Magkano po? ("How much?")

It employs straightforward shooting style. This mean that when a child looks at it, he/she should immediately understand what the Photographer wants to say. No hidden or abstract  meaning on the image.

Palimos po...( a kid though begging still got a smile in his face.)

The Church of Quiapo Church

The following day, we went from Travel Factor HQ to Quiapo Church. So that we can practice all that we have learned. It was difficult because of the situation that were in. First the weather is not on our side.


The constant checking if my camera is wet or not, having an umbrella on the other hand makes adjusting camera setting is very hard.

Sampaguita Vendor

Different kinds of vendors are scattered all around the Quiapo Church. Even though the rain have yet to stop. They just kept on their place trying to sell their wares and have enough money to make to the day.

Bayad po... ("Here's my payment...")

Some are getting more of the crowd while others are wishing for the rain to stop do that people will approaches their stall.

Matumal ("A slow day.")
Quiapo Underpass

The street of Binondo

The rain still haven’t stop when we reach the street of Binondo.

Siesta (Rest time)

This is the first time I have to Binondo. Though the image that is in my mind is different from what I’m seeing. There is still a different atmosphere from the places I’ve been.

Kapagod. (Hard days work)

Around 12n we started to head back to HQ. It was a good experience and I did learned a lot. “I’ll go back!” was going in my head. I will try again a get more good photo.

The last tip that Alanah gave us. “To be a good Street Photographer, you’ll have to Practice…, Practice…, Practice… ”


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