Bossing Ako! Bossing Ka Ba?

Last Thursday, May 20, 2010 at the Society Lounge of the Atrium was the media launch of PLDT-SME Nation’s Bossing Ako: Inspiring Filipino entrepreneurs.

The place was packed with different media practitioners. Bloggers, TV, and print media all waiting for the start of the launch. For the last 2 months, when ever I’m on my way to work. A big billboard along C5 saying “BOSSING Ka Ba?” It always struck me as a challenge to be an entrepreneur or just another Vic Sotto movie, but I was wrong.

Bossing Ka Ba? (Are you the Boss?)

The “Bossing Ako’ campaign aims to encourage more Filipinos to strive to become their own boss by becoming entrepreneurs. It also seeks to inspire Filipino small-to-medium scale entrepreneurs to continue striving for success and courageously meet the challenges of growing their business.

“We are on a nationwide campaign to encourage a new generation of Filipino entrepreneurs. The Philippines needs more entrepreneurs in order to ensure our economic future. Today, about 90 percent of income in the Philippine economy is generated by SMEs. As we move forward into the 21st century, we’ll need more SMEs to provide more jobs, more income and more purchasing power,” according to PLDT-SME Nation Vice President and Head Kat Luna-Abelarde.

“Para sa mga Bossing” (“For the Big Boss”)

The night was also rocked by Rico Blanco by giving us a live performance of the “Para sa mga Bossing” which is really a catchy tune that every Filipino will love, especially the bossing in you. The song was a collaboration of Pinoy music legends Rico Blanco and Arnel Pineda. The song, “Para sa mga Bossing” serves as an anthem for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs—it’s a call for them to continue striving for success, to gather courage and to take control of their destiny.

[ad#2nd336x280-lrect]The song’s release introduces a new anthem and rallying cry for Filipino entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be: “Ang asenso maaabot/Sa bagsik nitong prinsipyo/Ang talino’t pagsisikap/Ibubuhos sa negosyo/Bossing ako/Aking tagumpay/Sa ‘kin nakasalalay…”

According to Rico; “The difference between success and failure is really attitude. Filipinos need to become more hopeful and more optimistic; to dream big and make that dream come true. In “Bossing” we are sending out the message that by becoming entrepreneurs, Filipinos can rise above poverty or any other obstacle. By becoming entrepreneurs, they can be the boss of their business and of their destiny.”

The 12 Pinoy Bossing

“This is why we’ve chosen a select group of entrepreneurs as Pinoy Bossings. They are all cream of the crop in their respective industries. Through their knowledge, experience and success stories, we hope to impart encouragement, street smarts and practical know-how to SMEs. Through these success stories, we also wish to spark the dream of entrepreneurship to the younger generation,” says PLDT-SME Nation Marketing Head Amil Azurin.

Leading the list is PLDT Chair Manny V. Pangilinan tops the selection of Pinoy Bossings as the ultimate bossing. Included in the SME icons in their own right: Mother Lily Monteverde of Regal Films, Jay Aldeguer of Island Souvenirs and Joey Concepcion, entrepreneurship advocate and Founding Trustee of Go Negosyo.

Among the notable Pinoy Bossings that have made the list Les Reyes of Reyes HairCutters, Gardy Cruz of Pancit Malabon Express; Raphael and Jenni Soon of North Park, Ronald Pineda of Folded & Hung; Benjamin Liuson of The Generics Pharmacy, Darius and Carlos Hizon of Pampanga’s Best; Louie Gutierrez and Dulzzi Ocampo Gutierrez of Silverworks; and Vicki Belo and Cristalle Henares as the mother-daughter tandem for beauty and medical practice.

“The whole message of the ‘Bossing Ako’ campaign is this: You can be your own boss. You can take charge of your own destiny and become as successful as you want to be, on your terms. After this campaign, we hope that even more Filipinos will able to say with conviction and commitment: ‘Bossing ako’, says Luna-Abelarde

The “Bossing Ako” big launch is set for mid-June. This is followed by a grand celebration of the “MVP Bossing Ako Awards Night.”

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