Trekking Adventure to Mt. Pinatubo


The day started out early for me last Saturday. I wake up 2am and by 2:30 am I was on my motorbike and on my way to the office. It was our designated meeting place. By 10 minutes before 4am we hailed a cab and we are off to the Victory Liner Terminal at Pasay City.

For today I will be trekking Mt. Pinatubo’s Crater.

This is the first of many adventures to come.

We started by getting a 4×4 all terrain vehicle to takes us to the drop point. The drive was a long, hot and full of dirt. But it was a worthwhile experience.

Just look around and you will find different things that nature have to offer. Just like this image, a mountain the eroded because of the 1991 eruption.

This used to be the river were lahar had flow and conquered every living thing that had crossed it ways.

The ride was rough at the beginning, so don’t expect that it will go smoothly as you get closer tot he drop point. For you will be disappointed for it get worse, but more exciting. The stiff rocky rode will be you last obstacle.


At the drop point, all 4×4 jeep are parked to wait for their passenger. This is the designated place were our driver will take rest and wait till we return. But for us this is just the start of the actual trek to the top.

Upon entering the rocky road that we will be trekking a sign that state an estimate on how long the trek to the crater be. Categorize by age, anyone will be aware how long they will enjoy the adventure (or the other way around).


It’s really a rocky trek to the top. Rock, boulder and pebble of different color, size and texture will be your companion.

Enjoying the sun and nature at the same time. Travelling with friends is a big help with this kind of trek.

The stream is refreshing. If it was a little more deep, it would be nice to have a deep before continuing the trek.

Still a long way to go.

From afar, just seeing the welcome sign of the crater is a sign of relief. The heat of the sun is becoming unbearable. Took a few shot before enjoying the scenery.

The scenery is truly breath-taking. Only one word got out of my lips after getting my first sight of the scenery. “AWESOME!” is the only word I can come up to describe the view.

Standing on the view deck to get more picture, and enjoy the surrounding. It’s really AWESOME!

As you can see, this is the inside of Mt. Pinatubo’s Crater. You wouldn’t think that this beauty is in the mouth of a volcano. Nature does have a great sense of humor. This volcano once made headline in 1991 for submerging nearby town in Lahar.

This trip is really one that I can never forget. I wish I can bring my whole family here, but considering the rough road and the rocky trek. Maybe I should postponed it in a much later time.


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