Beat the Summer Heat by Chowkings Halo-Halo

In the past days, summer has been truly felt by every Filipinos.

Just last Saturday after going to my in-laws place to visit my kids, on vacation with their Grandparents and cousins.

On my way home, the heat of the sun is really affecting my mood. So instead of going straight home I stopped at a local Chowking shop. The place was cool, only few customer. Maybe because they don’t want to be BURNED by the sun’s deadly heat.

I went to the counter and ordered a large serving of their halo-halo. I said make it special so that she won’t be asking so much question to improve my order. But I was wrong, she still asked me what flavor that I want for the ice cream. So I chose UBE. Beacuse I like ube, and it looked good on my Halo-halo.

After paying for it. I looked for a free table, which is not hard to do because there are only few customers. I seat and waited for my Halo-halo. when it came, I was actually surprise how big it was. But I still enjoyed my serving.

This is surely one way to beat the summer heat. Have a halo-halo this summer.

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