Review: Birthday Celebration at Max’s Restaurant Taytay

Last Sunday was my Father’s birthday. I asked him if he had plans for the day. He said”After going to church will eat out with the whole family (with my siblings: that include their whole family).” So I said okay. After going to church we went back home to change to a less formal clothes and of to SM City Taytay. It was a trail of SMS. Back and forth, asking “WER U N?”, “HERE N US.” and other SMS short key.

After we arrive, we waited for a while before going to ax’s restaurant and reserver our table. While waiting my daughter suggested to order ahead so that the waiting period is shortened for the late comers.

I specifically ordered one of their new dish. The Spicy Laing Tilapia and my favorite Gambas con Aligue.

Spicy Laing Tilapia

The Spicy Laing Tilapia is one of Max’s new dish. It’s a deboned Tilapia fried till golden brown. Combined with Bicol’s specialty spicy laing. Garnished with spring onion confetti and paprika. The combination are explosive, with a creamy coconut milk sauce gives the fried Tilapia its flavorful taste.

Price is PHP 195.00, for that price 2-3 person can enjoy this great dish.

Gambas con Aligue

After getting my share of the Spicy Laing Tilapia, I immediately get some of the Gambas con Aligue. A favorite Filipino dish of mine. It’s a fresh shrimp cooked in garlic, olive oil and crab fat, topped with zesty red chili pepper that’s give the explosive flavor of the dish. Server with toasted pandesal Crostini.

Amounting to PHP 263.00 which serves 2 -3 person is not bad.

Filipino Style Chop Suey

The Chop Suey is also a favorite of mine. Specially the shrimp version.

Sinigang na Hipon

Sinigang na Hipon can be categorize as a special occasion dish for price of Shrimp in the local market is high. So serving a bowl of Sinigang na Hipon in the dining table is truly special. Special the bursting flavor it give the person who eats it. The soup itself can stand on its own as a meal.


After 30 minutes my brothers together with their family came and had their seats. Then we started our birthday celebration.

Fried Boneless Bangus

We also ordered some of Max’s Restaurants best sellers. The Fried Boneless Bangus. Marinated with their special spices then fried till golden brown. Server with vinegar and slices of fresh tomatoes.

Classic Max's Fried Chicken

Lechon Kawali is also a favorite Filipino dish specially around a drinking session. It’s a premium pork belly, deep fried to golden perfection. Which seals in the juiciness of the pork and have that crunchy sound wit every bite.

Lechon Kawali

It’s not everyday you celebrate a special occasion. Specially the birthday of a love one. It’s not the place or the food, but its the time you spend with them that really counts.

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