A day at the Pasig Rain Forest


Going to the Zoo and the Park is not really an option for me. Growing up in the province of Rizal in a little town of Angono.

I could say I’m lucky experiencing to be around different farm animals. I could see cows, Carabao, ducks, geese and sometime horses in my neighborhood.

Most of the rice fields in Rizal are being converted to subdivisions. So those familiar farm animals are being sold. So those simple pleasures of seeing those animals are gone.

The Ostrich is the first you will see

Now the City of Pasig is giving the people of Rizal to experience, to enjoy the Zoo experience that the city Zoo can offer. They have a petting zoo that kids can play, feed and experience being around friendly animals.

Beautiful geese enjoying the water
A family of pigs
My kids looking on the horses stable


Though not having big elephants, long necked giraffe and different man-eating cats. But they do have the infamous crocodile that allegedly got out in the middle of the Ondoy typhoon.

Crocodile beating the heat
Crocodile doing nothing

A playground was also setup here so the local kids would have a safe place to play and enjoy the sun.

Munting Pasiglahan Playground

Families do spend their time with their kids in the playground. Smile is the usual scene in this place. Kids playing everywhere, continuous laughter, running and having a good time.


They also have a amphitheater to do plays or other theatrical performance.

Pasig Rain Forest Amphitheater


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  • November 16, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Hi! Can you give more infos? Like entrance fees etc. Thanks.

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