Texas Roadhouse Grill: A Great Watering Hole

Last Tuesday, April 27. Two of my officemate (Job and Ian) together with Tom, (a colleague from the US) went to Texas Roadhouse Grill at the Fort Bonifacio High Street. To get a few bottle of beer. So that he can try our local brew.

After coming from Market-Market in accompanying him in his souvenir buying. We walked through Sarendra and BHS to go back the office. But we stop for bottle at Texas Roadhouse Grill.

At front the greeted us a “Good Afternoon” and asked for how many? so we stated “for 4″. So we are escorted to our table inside to escape the humid temperature outside. The waiters are in their usual get-up. As we are going ot our table every waiter we passed by greeted us with a Good Afternoon”. Our table was beside the well known window where you can see the barbeque grill. We ordered a bucket of ice cold San Mig lights for starter.

It was great drinking at a new place. This is actually the first time to drink at Texas Roadhouse Grill. They gave us a chilled mug. Then the first round came, we all filled our mug and started to gulp it all down. It was like I was all dried up, but after drinking my beer I was refreshed.

We talked and gulp some more, and talked more and gulp some more. Then ordered to the next round and a plate of nachos also. Time do passed by fast when your having fun. With the last nachos was gone and sipped our last beer. We asked for our bill, paid and started to walking out. Same as we came in, every waiter we passed by Thanked us. Such a good service.

I will surely be back for another round of their Ice Cold Beer.

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