Review: A KEBAB-licious Meal

It was a hot day, when we went out for lunch. My head is getting sunburn for the lack of hair. But nothing I can do about it. Should have brought another umbrella that day. Job brought one, even it was a big one it can’t accommodate us all.

After spending the whole day in the phone (about work). We went out to grad a much deserve lunch in The Kebab Factory at Burgos Circle in The Fort.

Roti Bread server with curry sauce

For starters, we ordered the Roti bread with curry sauce and the Chicken Samosa.

Chicken Samosa

Tom with his Iced Tea

Tom was great in convincing people. He just make us wonder what was in the Iced Tea that he had that gave him that kind of expression in just one zip. After asking if it was a bottomless tea with immediately change our order.

Beef, Chicken Mast and Lamb Kebab

The Kebab was truly awesome. Juicy and tender with its individual unique taste, I would truly recommend that you have a taste of there bestseller.

I ordered a Chicken Mast Kebab, while Tom ordered the three Kebabs (Beef, chicken and lamb). It was a wise choice. You will need to taste them all to truly know the difference and pick your favorite after that. Mine was the Lamb Kebab.

Chicken Mast Fries

The Chicken Mast Fries was also a condiment not to be taken lightly. The combination of the crispy fries and the chicken kebab and the yogurt cream was a good combination. Each compliments the other which gives you an incredible meal.

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