Review: The Apple iPad Not Just for Show

Just Last week, a colleague at work from the US visited our team for training. As he was getting ready for our training session he raise and inform us if we want in our free time we can check out his new Apple iPad.

Wow! He has an Apple iPad. It’s the newest gizmo to hit the market that every techie guys is dreaming to own. He has one, and I can have a chance to play with it.

The following day, I got a free time to play with it. I approach him and ask if I can take a look of the Apple iPad. He said here, taking it out from the box. Then he handed it to me. I said let me get a chair so that I can take a look. “No, go take it to your chair so that you can have a good feel with it” said Tom. I said, “Really?” he just nods and off I went back to my chair.

Apple iPad Home Screen Measuring the Apple iPad

Going back to my chair, the first thing I noticed was its weight. I’m like going back with a notebook in my hand. I tried to guess how much it weighs. Weighing only 1.5, it’s like I’m carrying an ordinary notebook of my child. After having a good look of it, I realize how small it really is. Measuring only to 9.5 x 7.4 x 0.5 it is really a good replacement for a netbook, without the capacity to plug in a usb drive.

The Apple iPad Display

With the Multi-Touch screen technology that we all know of because of the Apple iPhone. The Apple iPad is also the first of its kind. With a 9.7-inch (diagonal) LED-backlit glossy widescreen, it will surely impress the doubtful in you. The vividness of every image is truly astonishing. With its 1024 x 768 pixel resolution at 132 ppi, watching movies will always be a blast. The remarkably crisp images will make you doubt that it’s a television and not a small gadget that you can toss around. Not that you would do it. You can also watch it in every angle and still you get a great still get a brilliant picture, with excellent colour and contrast. To avoid the image rotation when watching a movie. Slide the rotation lock in the side of the of the Apple iPad beside the volume control. With that switch off, image or the movie your watching wont rotate.

With the Apple iPad you can have an instant digital photo frame with all of the pictures in your memory. And because it’s an Apple iPad you can display it by landscape or portrait. Well if you have the Apple iPad cover this will surely be easy.

Apple iPad and iPhone Another great thing about it is it’s scratch resistant. No need to buy a big plastic screen protector. I was really hesitant about that, but after tom just wipe the screen with his shirt, his hand with his ring still on, made me believe it is scratch resistant.

Comparison with and Apple iPhone 3GS

I compared it with my Apple iPhone 3GS. As you can see my Apple iPhone 3GS is smaller in every aspect of the comparison. Well at least I can call in my Apple iPhone 3GS, but you also can with the Apple iPad, you just need a SKYPE apps installed and a credit to spend.

Battery Life

The new Apple iPad has more battery life up to 10 hours. Well if your not surfing the web via 3G then it up to 9hrs. but still 9hrs of surfing the web is cool for me. Surfing the web while playing my music in the background and keeping updated in every thing via Facebook or Plurk.

Apple iPad: iBook Applications

The Apple iPad that my colleague brought from the US has an iBook Apps installed. It was great! Its like reading an actual book. You can flip the pages back and forth. Its a good replacement for book used at school. Instead of bring 5 – 8 heavy books everyday. It would really be easy for kid with just an Apple iPad in his bag and actually enjoy their study.

It can also hold a number of books in its book shelf. I haven’t looked for an Apple iPhone counterpart or it might be the same one. I know that the numbers of Apple iPad application are limited but in a few more months things will really start to go up.

Getting Back Home

For non Apple iPhone user, having an Apple iPad for the first time is quite tricky. But because of the Home key, getting back Home is easy. Sorting the different application icon is the same manner as in the Apple iPhone. Just press an application icon, when it starts shaking then you can now move the icon according to you usage. With that your Apple iPad will be unique.

I can say the new Apple iPad is way more advance in any gadget in the market right now. But personally I would wait a little longer if ever I would get one, to see what they will add up to this model. Today, there is still no announcement when will there be a release of the Apple iPad in the Philippines. But as I am writing this post, Apple iPad stock are running low in the US.

So for those who itching to buy one. I congratulate you! As for me I’ll just have to bare with the itch that I got and wait for the new version.

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