Pinoy_Blogfest 1.0 on Blogger Opportunity & Responsibility

Last Saturday was truly a very informative and lucky day for me. I was invited to Pinoy_Blogfest 1.0 Alternative Media Convergence which tackles hot issues such as ethics, copyright concerns, and journalistic integrity. Adopting “Opportunity & Responsibility” as the theme for the discussion that day.

I especially came early that day, to meet new folks and to get a good seat. But not so early that I’m first to arrive, I would say I came just in time to be one of the early birds and Gadget Magazine awards them. That’s the first part of my luck.

I met a lot of new and old acquaintance in the event. Got to exchange cards and emails, had a good laugh and talks about the topic at hand.

Optimizing the Economic Potential of Your Blog

This is every bloggers dream. Optimize you blog to be your primary source of income is every bloggers dream. I can’t say that I have met bloggers in that category, but I did met some of them. You would be surprise that most of them are truly down to earth and very “kalog”( crazy in a fun way).

Abe Olandres the creator of is one of those blogger. He had emphasize on his discussion different ways to improve page rank and use proper keywords are some of them.

I did and still learning from them on these topic.

Bloggers as Media Practitioners

Ira Panganiban discussed how he started blogging from the early 186 Computer, to how he was introduced to the Internet and how he used it as a new medium in voicing his comments. Today, bloggers had become media practitioners in their own right. His best example was on the last Edsa 2 and Typhoon Ondoy was all information was disseminated through the social networking sites, blog and chat rooms.

But as the catch phrase in a very popular comic superhero says: “With great power comes great responsibility”. And those responsibilities are now on the hands of untrained person. Information is truly a powerful tool; it can destroy a person’s integrity if misused. So Ira encourages bloggers who want to be media practitioners to be very careful in what they write in their sites, for there are consequences.

Crafting a Bloggers Code of Ethics

There had been talks in the Philippines blogging world of making a Bloggers Code of Ethics but with no governing body to control them this is still a dream for some. Ms. Yvonne Chua of the Philippine Centre for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) had given examples of outcome that might happen to unguided bloggers.

For now Bloggers are following their moral guidelines. This can be seen on how a blogger write their post (as said by Ira Panganiban). Hoping that those are enough till proper guidelines can be formulated for bloggers.

Overall it was a good talk. Everyone has a good point that they have share so passionately. Concern can be felt in their words. That tomorrow will be better for bloggers.

Thanks for Gadget Magazine and Coke for the wonderful discussion.
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