Go Further with SNICKERS

When I go to the gym I always bring a bar of Snickers Chocolate bar with me. It’s my energy booster when I feel my energy is running low.

Snickers is packed with roasted peanuts (natural energy boosting food), caramel and milk chocolate in a delicious energy bar. The combination of sweet and salty flavor, which gives you a multi texture eating experience.

With SNICKERS you can go further, SNICKERS keeps you going.

Anyway, Snickers is issuing a challenge. They have this online game “Hungry for Football”. They are giving away 5 Apple iPod touch every week and 3 Sony PSP for the top 3 scorer of entire promotion.

It’s actually pretty easy to join, just go to http://www.snickersgame.com/ and register and your all set.

How to Play

1. Keep your eyes and fingers ready to type in the letters the lite up on the SNICKERS to build up power.

2. The more power you build up in the shortest time possible will give you more points when you score a goal.

3. Quickly strike the SPACEBAR when you see an opening.

It’s that simple!

So what are you waiting for, go visit http://www.snickersgame.com/ and play. Have the highest score and have the chance to win an Apple iPod Touch or a Sony PSP at the end of the promo

Tips to score more points

1. Keep visiting http://www.snickersgame.com/ and play to accumulate more points.

2. Quickly key the letters that lights up to gain more power level.

3. Type in SNICKERS when you see the word light up. It will boost your power level to score a winning goal with 50 points.

Be a fan of the SNICKERS® Hungry for Football on facebook and receive updates on the game and announcement of the winners.

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