High School Reunion: IV Purity

IV Purity Batch '93 Reunion

It was an impulsive planning in our part. Planning a class reunion in for next week without knowing if our other classmate are free. But we kinda made it work.

It was only a birthday celebration for Marianne that was supposed to be held in the Fermin’s residence. So I decided to chip-in for the food because my birthday was also coming near. Then everything just gone overboard. With my cousin’s (Ate Jocelyn) leadership, she suggested it to be done in a resort so that we can have more room to move, and more people can be invited. So it was an impromptu pot-luck birthday/reunion celebration in a private pool of a local resort.

And that’s how it started.

Smiling to the camera are Michele, Raquel, Marianne and Joyvie

We rented the place from 12PM till 12AM. Yes, it a 12 hour non-stop fun-filled birthday/reunion party. Everyone enjoyed the videoke provided for our enjoyment.

Posing for our first group picture

From start to finished the food supply is over-flowing. Everyone provided more than enough for everybody.

Maribel checking out photos she had taken
Having a laugh while munching mango

Everyone had a good time that day. While waiting for the others to come, Michele having brought her copy of our Yearbook, everyone was busy telling story of not-so old times and some recent news of our classmate and batch-mate.

Fortunato having a go on the Videoke
My cousin (Ate Jocelyn) posing not singing

Some had brought their kids to enjoy the water. Was amaze that some of us had more than 4 kids already. While others are just starting their family.

Michael with kid enjoying the late pat of the reunion
A more complete group picture of IV-Purity '93

Hope more will be added on our second try to reunite our class this coming May.

For the complete list photo click here.

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