AXE Twist Launch at the E-Games Domination IV

We had lots of fun today with my 2 kids and niece at the AXE Twist Launch at the E-Games Domination SMX MOA.

The place was packed with E-Games fanatic and Cos-players alike. I brought Dianne, Diether and Maryl to enjoy the event. They were truly amaze seeing the place filled with people, especially the cos-players who are displaying their costumes to the admiring public.

When we arrive at the VIP Lounges, my son was ecstatic seeing the AXE Twist display. “Yan ang pabango ko… Yan ang pabango ko…” (“That’s my perfume… That’s my perfume…”) was all he can say. Then after looking around he then realize that he was surrounded by his favorite online games: DOTA, SF etc…

The E-GAMES Domination IV became more extravagant as AXE, the world’s most popular male body spray brand, launches AXE Twist.

“Known as the fragrance which changes — changing from fresh to smooth later in the day — AXE Twist will surely bring a new twist to the dating scene,” says AXE Brand Manager Brian Duruin.

AXE sexy girl modeling the new AXE Twist

Which is true, Diether my son was wearing it, and I can say that the AXE Twist is truly a new scent to look for. The scent do change trough out the day.

Mark Baustista with Meryl, Dianne and D3
Rachell Ann Go with Dianne and Meryl
D3, Meryl and Dianne with GMA7 Lhar Santiago

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