Time at the Beach


Last Holy week, my in-laws just cooked up a planned to go to Matabungkay, Batangas for the weekend. With my wife, they decided right there and there to leave at 4pm. So they called up everyone and informed about the plan and hoping that everyone is free. What do you know, everyone is free. So we packed up our things and prepared for the long drive.

We arrive around past 8PM. We immediately look for a place to stay and rest. We kinda bump for a while and then landed a good spot at Sakura beach Resort. They has a private pool so the kids enjoyed their trip earlier.

Sunshine: Swim Time

When day break arrive, everyone was still tired. Some of us was not able to get a good night sleep for lack of bed space. But this was all went away when the first kid jump to the pool for a morning swim.


I went and take a look at the beach. The shore was jammed packed with tourist. Trying to enjoy the limited space of water they can get because of the Balsa (bamboo raft) taking every space in the shore.

Time to enjoy the Beach

We rented a Balsa (bamboo raft) for the day to enjoy the cool sea water. My boy jump in the water and when he came back up,the first thing he say was “Maasim and tubig!” (The water is salty!). Not being used to salty water I laughed and just told him that the maintenance are still cleaning the water.

Everyone enjoyed our day at the beach. Especially the kids who had a none stop water fun every minute we were there. But everything has an end. So by 2PM we started our journey back home.


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