Be a Del Monte Kitchenomic Club Member

Since I was in my Grade school years, I would catch a segment of the Kitchenomics hosted by Maricel Laxa. It was always a lunch saver for us specially when my mother would ask me what we want for lunch.

We actually collected a lot of Kitchenomic recipe’s that was written at the back of labels of different Del Monte products which they still continue to provide to consumers. I think we have a total of 200+ recipes that we have collected. That was actually handed to me by my Mother.

Then I learned about their website, the Kitchenomic Club Member . I’ve been a member for about less than a year. Actually two months later after stating Chef Ward’s Kitchen. I would always search new dish that I can try and experiment on.

Benefits of being a member:

1. Access to Del Monte Kitchenomics’ Recipe

The Del Monte Kitchenomics library has a wide variety of recipes to choose from. All of them are within the comfort of our daily budget. Easy to prepare and affordable. They actually have these P80 Salu-Salo Meals. Family meals that is good for 5 for only 80 pesos. Now isn’t this saving you can love.

2. Access to Del Monte’s exclusive events and promos

Updates on new recipes, products and promos are announce to exclusive members before the consumer public. Members will always be first to know of any new delicious recipes and exciting promos.

3. Sharing recipes

It’s also a venue where members can share their recipes and actually make new friends. Learning new ways on how to use an ingredient is wonderful specially you are always using it on a daily basis.

4. Access to Kitchenomics practical tips.

You can also get cool tips on how to store and prepare foods. Practical use of everyday item in the kitchen. How to make sure that the kitchen is clean is an essential to healthy cooking is only one of the many things you can learn in the DMK site.

The Del Monte Kitchenomic site is a useful, practical and comfortable place to interact with other homemaker. Whatever your social status, gender, or age everyone is welcome here.

2 thoughts on “Be a Del Monte Kitchenomic Club Member

  • June 14, 2012 at 4:18 am

    My dream is to be a chef someday and to have an own restaurant to manage hope i can be a part of your team and i want to learn to cook more for my family and friends.thank you.

  • July 24, 2017 at 8:14 am

    i heard a lot about kitchenomics and i want to be a member then try the recipe for my kids

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