BraveHeart: the Tour of HOPE

Modern Technology have improve significantly in the past years. Sure we still don’t have flying cars or laser guns readily available as said in the movies. But what is available are cure for illnesses such as Cervical Cancer.

In the Philippines alone, Cervical Cancer still causes love ones to suffer. Vaccines are available to prevent this dreaded illness but still Philippines women are not aware. Cervical Cancer are one of those illnesses that are curable with modern medicines but still many of our Mothers’, Sisters’, and wives’ are still suffering from this preventable cancer.

On women’s month, the Philippines witnesses the most number of women and celebrity bikers taking to the street to campaign against the only preventable cancer in women by biking 500km from Makati to Baguio. Stop the death of 12 women everyday by taking this important pedal forward.

On March 20, 2010 Pia Cayetano, Francis Magalona’s family, together with local celebrities and Philippine personalities will come together and create much needed awareness for cervical cancer–one of the most devastating, yet easily preventable diseases among women today.

Join us as we push for change, stop the disease, spread awareness –and show what pedal power can really do.

DATE: 20 March 2010, Saturday
TIME: 6:00 am
VENUE:  Makati Park and Garden, J.P. Rizal Ext., W.Rembo, Makati

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