A Friendly Taxi for Filipino for only $20 Flat

That’s right! You read it right. For those going to Singapore or already at Singapore. This is a good way to go around Singapore and actually save money. Have a $20/trip!

A Taxi ride from Orchard to Tampines

After doing our groceries a week. I said that we might not be able to go to the MRT station. So my wife suggested to call have a taxi instead. But knowing that it would be much expensive I declined. But she said that it will only cost $20. It’s much cheaper than the ordinary taxi that might cost up to $40 from Orchard. I was surprised that he only charge $20 per trip, whether its near or far.

So she called him up and set a meeting place. We waited for almost 15-20 minutes. He came and we hop on. It was a long drive, but its much comfortable than taking the train. We all seat comfortably, the groceries are at the back. He’s very friendly and accommodating.

$20 Taxi business


I had a talk with Darry while going through a long tunnel going back home. “I love driving. Instead of staying home and doing nothing. Why not drive?” according to Darry. He really know every place here in Singapore. He can recommend good places to see and dine. “Its’ started out just as a hobby that just picked up.” he said. ” He only catered to Filipino clients. I didn’t bother to ask why. But having an option to take the cab rather than having the bus or taking the SMRT is great.

I asked him if he plans of expanding his business. He said “Its actually a hobby rather than a business. I get to drive around and get paid at the same time. I can actually say no to a call if I wanted to.” I actually get what his saying. He owns his time. His the BOSS! He actually got a great list of clients. He even had advertise his business but got a negative feedback rather than a good one. People actually can’t believe that his only charging $20 per trip. His always been asked “What’s the catch?”

Specialize Filipino Taxi at Singapore for S$20

What’s the catch?

There is no catch his actually charging $20 per trip. Actually he got that a lot. No one can believe that he only charges $20 per trip anywhere at Singapore. But think about it, where can you get a taxi ride from Orchard to Azalea Condo (which is actually 8 minutes aways from Changi airport). A 15 station ride from Orchard to Tampines station. That’s how far our $20 got us.

I’m telling you, that this no joke. We actually got his service more than 5 time when were at Singapore last X-mas Holiday. Every trip was worth the money we paid him. One is from Beach road back to Azalea Condo at 10pm, we called him an hour before we arrive from Genting Malaysia. Now this is near Bugis station, and we pay the same amount.

So if your planning to go on a vacation at Singapore or working at Singapore and got in a tight situation and you need a ride for a small amount call him.

Here is Darry’s number +6596506817. Tell him how you got his number for reference.


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