Family Holiday Vacation at Singapore: Part 1

Last December 24, 2009 was the date of our flight to Singapore. Everything was set and all was in order. We left with my parents and my younger brother which offered to drive us to NAIA Terminal 3 for our flight. We arrive right on time for the 2 hour waiting period. Had a little crying session with the Grandparents and the kids before saying our goodbyes.

We went inside and prepared needed documents. Passport and ticket was ready for check-in. I ask my kids if they need to relieve themselves do so while I pay for the tax of our flight. After paying for it amounting almost to 5k we proceeded to the check-in counter and waited our turn. When it came the first of a series of trouble started. I was told that our return flight was not booked due to that it was already expired. So the Cebupacific lady told me to go to a near by counter and book our return flight (if not we are not allowed to leave). But that’s another post/story.

After the incident, we went through without any more issue. We waited for our flight to be called. The kids was so excited to see airplane in front of them. Asking silly question that some I can’t answer. Then our flight was called and instructed us to proceed to the gate. Now I can sense that they are now nervous of the flight. So I hold hand with my youngest to confirm that everything will be OK, and told my eldest to lead the way and give an thumbs-up sign to my eldest boy and proceeded to the plane.

We were seated and our luggage was set on the overhead compartment. We have two window side seat so that they can see the night view of Manila when we leave and Singapore when we landed. Then the flow of question flooded. “When are we allowed to got to the restroom?”, “Can I play with my toy while flying?”, “Can I see bird in the window?” those kind of stuff. Some answered and some are left unanswered.

We landed on Budget Terminal on time. I told them that we will walking down that stair not like in NAIA. So we should be careful walking down. Everything went smoothly till they met their mother at the arrival area. Lot of hugs and kisses and stories on the airplane were told simultaneously. We waited for our taxi and went straight to our rented room for two weeks.

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