Authentic Thai Cuisine at Lerk Thai: Review

On our 2 weeks stay at Singapore for our holiday vacation. It was really hard to find a great spot to eat with the kids not accustomed to eating foreign food. It was really hard being in a foreign country. Looking for a place to dine which they would also enjoy was a trial and error process. Or I would end up eating everyones meal. So we tend to order foods one-by-one.

So It was nice that when they liked the foods at Lerk Thai at Bugis Village beside the famous Bugis Street. My wife suggested it, she says it have a great dishes that the kids would love. So I didn’t argued and we walked in.

We were greeted by a friendly smiled and directed us to our table. The place has a great ambiance. Cozy, not hard to theeye, the temperature is just right (not to hot and not to cold). Great for a family meal and Barkada lunch out.

Lerk Thai serves authentic Thai dishes in a very friendly dining setting. Located in different strategic spots all over Singapore. They make delicious Thai cuisine in a very affordable prices. They have large servings so one order can be consumed by two adult (depending on eating capability).

But I’m just happy to dine here. It only took as a few minutes to order. Not that we are so hungry (which we are) but my wife had already know what to order and had recommended some good food.

We started with the Pla Muerk Waen Tong (deep fried calamaris rings). The meat was tender, juicy and not hard to chew. The kids was not into the calamaris as an appetizer so they didn’t finished it. After their order for rice came then they gang up on it.

My youngest child specially enjoyed my Khao Phad Poo (Crabmeat Fried rice). He started as tasting it just like his older sister and older brother did when my plate was serve. Then he just got up and requested to transfer my plate to his place. So its either that or I’ll have to order another plate for me and finish his serving of Khao Phad Kiew Whan.

So I ended up eating his Khao Phad Kiew Whan (Chicken Fried Rice Thai Style). It was very tasty and have a spiciness that will tickle your taste palate. The chicken bits was tender and juicy as well.

The Stuffed chicken wings was something new for me. First I thought that the wings is to big for an ordinary chicken. But when a cut a piece. I was surprised of the inside. I was filled with meat, veggies and spices. The bones was already gone so eating it was no trouble at all except for the other joint (which I didn’t bother eating).

We also tried the Gai Med Mamuang Prik Naeng. It’s diced chicken stir fried with dry chili and cashew nuts. It was so crunchy at the same time was soft. It’s weird right.

They say that this is a rich man’s food due to its expensiveness. It’s actually delicious with every bite.

The kids enjoyed the their pineapple and mango juices as well as the whole meal. We were stuffed! Everyone was happy and full. I surely would recommend that when you ever in Singapore and happened to drop by any Lerk Thai restaurant and experience the authentic Thia cuisine they are very proud of.

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